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After a friend told me about A.P.T & Mark lammas i decided to have a look at his site . Then i seen an advertisement for the biggest loser  competition. so i thought yes gonna give it ago .I was nervous about going because of not knowing anyone ,and the fact i was not very big to start with. but i didnt need to worry everyone was brill and Mark is great makes you feel at ease and asks what your goals are and listens .I did the competition and won i lost plenty of inches weight and most importantly body fat , i was over the moon everyone supported each other and mark was there all the time, if i was having a bad week he would get me back on track . Im now carrying on training with Mark at A.P.T with my next challenge defined abs and i know with marks help ill succeed . So if anybody out there is nervous about joining a gym . Then i would say join this one because your get a great reception a great workout , and a trainer who is passionate about fitness and getting people results and nobody looking and judging you , so give it ago you will LOVE IT . thanks Mark.
Julie Berry

When I joined A.P.T. my aim was to tone up, build my strength and lose a bit of excess weight. I was thrilled when I met Mark and lost 7lb after completing the “12 day fat furnace” program.
Mark is second to none in his area of expertise. I’m used to doing a lot of CV work and wasn’t 100% about working out in a “gym” environment. It’s safe to say I’m really pleased that I made the investment and gave it a go. I really haven’t looked back – I’m now much more confident in my appearance and I’ve noticed that my strength has really developed too. What I appreciate most about working with Mark is his ability to engage with me, even when I’m in a group, and to keep me focused on my goals. I don’t feel pressurised yet I don’t ever feel like giving up. It’s a real community where everyone is on the same journey to physically better themselves with Mark’s guidance, reassurance and determination. Everyone’s a winner at A.P.T.

Victoria Leher

I’m doing things now I never expected to be able to, not only in a personal sense but as part of a team at APT i’ve been involved in a Kettlebell Swing World Record and a team Spartan Race (Obstacle race). Looking forward to our next adventure!
Richard O’Connor

Athletic performance training deffo gets 5 stars from me!
Nichola Jones

Fab Fab Fab! Gave me the kick start I needed to get back in shape
Steph Reid

Fun and friendly way to exercise and stay fit. Mark mixes it up every week so doesn’t get boring. Defo 5 stars
Dawn Tibbetts

Great way to exercise & keep in shape…no machine’s just pure manpower!…love it!!
Fiona Heydon

I’ve tried other trainers in the past but Mark is the one who gets the results.  Like everyone I sometimes have to talk myself into going to the gym but always come out on a high and set up for the day.  When I first started with Mark I lost 9lbs in two weeks and the weight kept coming off.  Result!
Jo Ball

Brilliant friendly instructor, who knows your individual aims and goals!
Fantastic advice, support and encouragement to go that extra step to achieve guaranteed results! FACT!
Michelle Leake

I lost 8lbs and 12 inches on one of Marks Biggest loser competitions when I had plateaued for months.
Gave me the kick start I needed x
thanks Mark
Sam Coxhead

I started pt sessions with Mark Lammas at A.P.T in October 2012 following an informal chat with a friend about needing to lose some weight and get into excersise again. Id stopped smoking the previous year and the weight piled on as despite my best efforts food became my crutch or replacement Id also had some very low points in my life: losing a baby then having a very poorly baby then losing my beloved mom (my best freind) i needed a big kick up the ass basically!
From initial outdoor training in all weather extremes! We soon transferred to the relative five star comfort of the ‘facility’ at A.P.T at Fairfield! I had a short break between Jan and Apr 2013 due to my sons ongoing treatment but im so chuffed to say im going strong and my fitness levels and strength continue to rise! In the first few weeks i dreaded my pt sessions but felt great after I then found that i felt so great i punched the air as i drove home! Often i feel like punching mark (especially when i see the word ‘burpee’ on the board!) But having lost two stone and inches more than i care to count and record i can honestly say that this hard core, rudimentary way actually works!
Its hard but the feeling it gives you as you achieve your goals is priceless! Im looking forward to more team motivational events such as The Major Series March 8th but most importantly the continued support, varied pt sessions and motivational push that Mark at A.P.T and the team give me .
I rate five star any day!
Sharon Simpson

Often feel like ‘punching’ Mark too – but in the best possible way! Just the right balance of empathy & encouragement – would never have pushed myself to be the best I could be without his encouragement.  Genuinely think he knows just how far to go to get the best out of us as individuals – speaks volumes about the thought and time he puts into each session – not something you can get anywhere else!
Rebecca Blasdale   (in response to the above statement) 

“Since starting my training with APT I have lost just over 11lbs and 11 and a half inches and I feel the fittest I have ever been! The workouts are challenging but with Marks fab support and encouragement I get them done and feel fantastic afterwards!”Rachel Floate

After a recommendation from a friend I decided to try the 12DFF, I was hoping to lose a few pounds. I never expected the results I got! After doing 2 courses of 12DFF not only have I lost 14.5 lbs and 13 inches and gone down a dress size, I feel amazing! I’ve been carrying that extra weight for over 2 years and in 24 days its gone! Mark Lammas has been such a great support and motivator, it’s been easy and I’ve enjoyed it. My whole attitude to food and exercise has changed, now I hope to lose another 10 lbs ! so ill keep you posted. If you want to achieve results Mark Lammas at APT is the person to help you.Sarah J Hodgetts

I have tried every diet and exercise class available in my time but have carried 2-3 stone to much for years. A car crash left me with a bad back and neck and I was slowly siezing up. My dear friend Moira recommended Mark to me and I joined 12DFF at 6.30 Jan 7th. That morning was so hard but with the encouragement of Mark and the other members I got through it with great results. The eating plan did NOT leave me feeling hungry. I’ve been going to APT ever since, 3 x 12DFF, and lots of exciting evening classes, these are so varied and fun, YES FUN, training with a laugh. I no longer have back pain, I am a stone lighter but better still a whopping 17.5 inches smaller all over. I am fitter, stronger and feel amazing. Thankyou Mark and all your members :) Michele Freeman

Thanks Mark, for your motivation,guidance,support and inspiring us that we can do it. Well I did it!!!!  10.5lbs off and 13.5 inches lost, its just the beginning….. I didn’t really think it possible, thanks again for proving it to me. Looking forward to the kettlebells and circuits classes so that I can keep  the strength and fitness you helped me build and improve more on it. Thank you xCatherine Henry

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mark Lammas for giving me the motivation,constant encouragement and support  to complete the 14 Day Fat Furnace. Just short of a stone lost in weight  and over 13 inches lost in only 14 days.I look so much better but more importatly feel so much better, see you in the New Year for the next challenges.

Claire Thompson

7.5lbs off,13.5 inches lost. Self confidence/belief soaring.

Thank you so much Mark for giving me the strength and encouragement to get through the last 4 weeks.

Not only have I seen results in my body shape and size, I made some great new friends.

Moira Boot

How thrilled am I? Just completed a two week course with Mark Lammas from the Athletic Performance Training Facility, had a weigh in this morning and lost 9lbs. Cant believe how easy it was and how much food I could eat and still lose weight. Already booked onto the next course. Huge thanks Mark!!!

Jo Ball 

As an experienced judo fighter, with over 40 years experience, training with Mark using his Athletic Performance Training methods for just 7 months, he has increased my general strength, explosive power and conditioning significantly.APT has been a key part of my recent preparations for the successful defence of my British  Masters Judo title and I look forward to our partnership going forward in my quest of the European and Commonwealth titles.

The training sessions are never repetitive or boring and constantly push you to improve. The use of unusual and different equipment helps to keep things interesting whilst challenging your body in different ways.

I highly reccommend APT and Mark to anyone looking to improve their strength and conditioning.

Clive Biggs, 4th Dan – current British and Commonwealth Masters Champion.

Hi Mark,

I found the 14 Day Fat Furnace to be an excellent way to lose weight and tone up which I used prior to my holiday.

The nutrition was easy to follow as it was so well planned and all the shopping could be done in advance so I was always prepared for each day’s meals. I felt tired on the 2nd day but after that , I was energised and ready to exercise.

I found the exercise to be challenging at times but with inspirational coaching, I was able to push myself further that I expected to. During the 14 days, I  toned up and lost an amazing 10 lbs and 14.5 inches from my body!!!

Thanks Mark.

Lesley Read

Hi Mark,

My name is Sam Cater,and I am Geordan Edmonds lead coach for her athletics.

I would just like to say what a fab job you are doing for her. She is a brilliant athlete and everything that you are putting her through is aiding her throwing and all round athletism. I would like to come and observe some of the sessions that you do with her if you don’t mind.

Kindest Regards

Sam Cater

Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletics Club

Athletic Performance Training is a really enjoyable type of training that produces visable results. From the start of the 12 week training program to the end, I have noticed results in my performance on the pitch, mainly in the upper body. My strength and power are areas that have improved massively due to the training program designed for my specific needs. I would definitely recommend A.P.T. to anyone who wishes to improve in their sport or learn a specific skill.

Jamie Lucus

Bristol Rovers Football Club.

“I’m really proud of my results and it has totally shocked me how much I have improved since I started training with Athletic Performance Training.

It just proves how much I can achieve with the support and coaching from Mark. I am glad that I am able to continue training with Mark, not only for more improvements, but because I really enjoy the training sessions, they are so varied but always focus on what I need to continue to achieve PB’s on a regular basis.

Geordan Edmonds


“APT  shows how hard work and determination can get you anywhere you want. No fancy equipment needed, just hard  work and people who want to be the best”

Olly Kay

 “APT is great, because it pushes you to the limit and then some. Training APT style, demonstrates how determined its athletes are to improve strength and fitness levels”

Matt Bailey

“These sessions have really helped me. They are fun and interesting and I’ve never done this type of training before. I have improved in each competition since starting and my javelin PB has increased by 3.19m.

Mark is very encouraging and makes it a great environment to train in”

Geordan Edmonds


“Good intense session tonight, would recommend APT to anyone wanting to get fitter, faster or stronger for their sport. Highly beneficial, enjoyable training!”

Max Patten

“I watch my son Jacob doing the boot camp on a Saturday morning and so often read the blog on the APT website, which is how I came across the B-Fit programme.  With a skiing holiday coming up and having done very little exercise of any kind for some considerable time I decided to give it a try.

I wanted to concentrate on building up my stamina and Mark devised a programme that specifically concentrated on areas that would be beneficial for skiing.  Having someone show you the correct techniques is critical and Mark was great at striking a balance between encouragement and pushing me just a little bit harder than I would have pushed myself.  

What I have really liked about the five weeks is the variety of things that I’ve done – every training session has been different (and therefore not boring) and, despite having worked hard (sometimes really hard!!), I’ve finished every one with a real sense of achievement.

At the end of just five weeks I’ve been able to do things that I’d never have thought I’d be able to do – 25 push-ups being the prime example.  Knocking over nine minutes off my 300 workout was the icing on the cake and clearly shows how well Mark’s methods work -  now fully prepared for some long, hard days on the mountain!

Rebecca Blasdale