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Reflections of 2014


As I’m sitting here drinking coffee and thinking back over the past year or so I realise that without my 2014 diary in front of me, its hard to remember how much we have achieved.

Looking right back to this time last year, we were just coming off the back of our 1st year in the facility which had been fantastic overall and I remember thinking that we have just gotta keep pushing on, getting new members and doing what we have been doing. Now I realise that was partly right but also partly wrong. Changes have to occur to progress in business as in life and so we made various changes to the way we coach and to the business behind the scenes.

January 2014 was the start of our new program January Jeans and I had 10 ladies signed up for it with the best part being that there were about 5 of them that were new to the facility ( most of which are still members now ) it was a 28 day course designed to get the ladies back into their too tight jeans and boy did they smash it!!!!!  Every one of them lost significant inches to get back into their jeans with one of the girls loosing 12 inches from her hips, waist and thighs in just 28 days and another girls lost 21lbs in weight……… Massive success not just for them but for everyone that took part. ( We are running it again this year for the final time and have trimmed it down to a 21 day course……  Only 1 space available if anyone is interested, contact me urgently)

Back in January I was also working hard with A.P.T judo star Clive Biggs trying to rehab him following surgery to his ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament so that he could HOPEFULLY compete on the mat again ( more on this later).

I also got involved in January with another local business in a joint venture with us supplying sports supplements and with us starting a new boxing class on Tuesday evenings. This turned out not as expected and after about a month we cancelled the boxing sessions and ceased to supply their supplements. Taking a positive from this episode, I learned not to take people at face value every time, ( some people that you meet are full of shit).

During the year as part of our planned expansion to the program, I took on 2 new freelance Coaches Jimmy and Dean and they are running the Core & Conditioning program now on Tuesday evenings bring in a few new clients also. Later in the year I also bought on board another coach Chris ( a former client who I had inspired to become a PT) and he ran a Training For Warriors program on Thursday evenings but unfortunately in terms of numbers it never really took off and Chris has now left us to set up his own facility in Birmingham.

Back in March 12 of our members including myself ran the Majors Mud Run, a 5k run/walk/wade/crawl through the thickest mud and waist/shoulder deep water imaginable, in fact the mud was so thick that I lost both my shoes on the 1st mud field and it took ages to get them both back on :) but we all completed the course in bitter cold conditions and icy water which unfortunately left our 2013 transformation of the year winner Rachel needing medical attention for hypothermia :(

One thing we didn’t do during 2014 was to set or break any World Records ( we set 2 World Records in 2013 which both still stand ) so maybe that should a goal for 2015 if anyone can come up with a great idea.

Back to Clive Biggs, all year he/we were working really hard to get back to full fitness, so much so that he surpassed every goal that I set for him and is now without doubt the strongest and fittest that he has been in at least 20 years ( maybe ever, his words not mine ). So exactly 12 months on to the exact day of his knee surgery Clive and I stood on the side of the mat nervously waiting for him to attempt to win back his Gold medal at the British Masters Judo Championships. It was a dogged non spectacular battle against 3 separate opponents but in the end Clive walked off the mat victorious and was the British Champion once again. That was one of my proudest moments in sport as if I had won it myself, it proved to me once again that I am doing what I was meant to do and I’m actually pretty bloody good at preparing top level athletes to compete at the highest levels as well as transforming ordinary people into extra-ordinary individuals.

Clive is now, following lots of local publicity for himself and A.P.T, nominated for the Bromsgrove and Droitwich Sports Personality Of The Year Award. If he wins that, it will be as though A.P.T has won an award but he thoroughly deserves to win and obviously we are rooting for him.

As part of our celebrations to mark our 2nd anniversary at the facility, it was decided that we should hold a big charity workout morning consisting off 8 separate mini workouts, 2 from each coach, that would be all-inclusive for anyone to join in with scaling options available. Again, I made the most of this by attracting local newspaper publicity ( something that I am planning lots more of in 2015) and we ended up with over 20 people on the mats all working out together which included a number of children. The charities that we raised the funds for were Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer with £500.00 raised plus donated toys and books. A great success which was enjoyed by everyone.

During a break in the charity workout, I awarded the prize for our Total Transformation Winner of 2014 to a very surprised Sharon Simpson but she completely deserves it after training non stop both with me and at home she is now a different person both physically and mentally and I was delighted to award it to her.

That pretty much brings us to the end of the year. Thank you for taking the time to read this, thank you to my clients and class members, you have made this year a blast. Finally I want to thank Tina who without her in the background supporting me I couldn’t have done any of this :) . I look forward excitedly to welcoming both current and new members to A.P.T in 2015 and seeing how much more we can achieve with great plans for new programs, better more consistent results and a new community of members to become friends and help each other through the good and tough workouts/times to follow.

In 2015 we are building COMMUNITY, RESULTS and LEADERS, be part of it.