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Our 1st year at the Athletic Performance Training Facility


Well, the 1st 12 months at the facility has flown by and as with anything in life we’ve had some major highs with one or two low points sprinkled in.

After lots of preparation, hard work and laser – focused vision, we opened the doors to the Athletic Performance Training Facility in a blaze of glory on Saturday 17th November 2012.

Well, I say a blaze of glory, looking back, it was more of a fizzle really :)   Leading up to the opening, I had spent only 11 months coaching full time and had built up a good reputation for getting good results working from parks and fields with an average number of clients, but as Autumn approached and lots of my clients went to various colleges and universities and with a couple of non training related injuries, the number dwindled down to just one bootcamp per week of about 8 plus 5 P.T clients seeing me between 1-3 times per week. Not exactly at bursting was I?   But I was convinced that with a credible facility and the results that I was still getting with my clients, that business would take off.

So on our opening day, I signed up 5  new ladies onto my brand new 14 Day Fat Furnace Program ( now on to it’s 2nd edition and now 12 DFF ) with the aim of seeing rapid body transformation results. During that 1st week, I moved the rugby bootcamp to the facility and also started coaching a number of talented multi- discipline athletes from Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletics Club in group sessions.

That 1st 14 DFF program yielded some great results of a total 33lbs and 47 inches gone from just 5 ladies, some of which are still regular clients, in just 14 days…….. success.

By the end of 2012, I had signed up numerous new P.T clients, started new circuits classes and kettlebell classes and had run 2 successful 14 DFF programs.

Through 2013, we now have around 50 members regularly on various programs, courses, classes and sessions. I  still coach judo champion Clive Biggs, which brings me to one of the years low points. Clive had been training really hard and was without doubt the strongest and fittest that he had been in many years. He entered the European Masters Judo Championships in Paris back in June as the current 2-time British and Commonwealth Champion, but unfortunately, as is so common in sport,  he got knocked out in the early rounds. Ok I thought, bit of a knock back but we still have the British title to defend in September to make it 3 times in a row. sadly, prior to this, Clive tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament during a judo training session and was ruled out of defending his title, :(  after we had put in 12 months of hard training and preparation.

There have, happily, been lots of highs during the past 12 months which makes me feel like I haven’t worked a single day since I started this adventure. That is despite the 6.30am starts and occasional 9.30pm finishes, I still love it.

The highs include setting a new WORLD RECORD for kettlebell swings of over 1,000,000lbs in weight as a group. We accomplished this back in July with 24 of our members taking part. There aren’t many gyms that hold a WORLD RECORD  and I’m really proud of TEAM A.P.T for smashing it.

For a while , I had the pleasure of being strength and conditioning coach to local wheelchair racer Lauren Rowles in her quest to compete at the Rio 2016 Paralympic games. She made huge improvements and during her time with me she set new P.Bs in virtually every race that she took part in. Sadly as part of a new sponsorship deal for her, she had to move on to training elsewhere but I have no doubt that if she is coached well, she will achieve international success.

Talking of sponsorship, A.P.T also sponsored Bromsgrove rugby club u15s (last season) Easter tour of France and Spain, where once again, the lads had much success on the pitch and plenty of memories to share off the pitch ;)

Drawing to a close of our 1st year, 10 members of TEAM A.P.T , myself included, took part in our 1st ever SPARTAN RACE in September. It was tough but a brilliant experience that has got us hooked.

All in all its been a fabulous 1st year which will culminate in our open day on Saturday 16th November between 9.30-12.30 where another WORLD RECORD will be set. So come along and have a go, YOU could the one to set it and the best part, its only a 1 minute challenge. We also have our party night to look forward to  where we can all let our hair down (those of us with hair :) cause we’ve worked hard and have all earned a drink or two.

So finally , what’s planned for next year?

Well, 4 more mud runs are provisionally planned with the 1st one in March already booked for 15 members so far. More competitions for the members, possibly more world records to set or beat. More courses to learn from. Possibly a charity skydive from 12,000ft in June. More phenomenal  results for all our members to look forward to and above all MORE FUN TO BE HAD.

If you want much more from your training than mindless treadmill pounding or weights sessions such as GUARANTEED RESULTS, competition, opportunities and FUN, contact Mark at …….  athlete.p.t@btinternet.com  or via facebook……. www.facebook.com/athleticperformancetraining