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Exciting News……….


Hey Guys,


This is probably the last blog post you will get for a while cause I’m going away to explore Thailand for a couple of weeks :-)


But before I go, I have some exciting news to share……….

We now have an all new YouTube channel called  A.P.T tv  which is now live!!!!!!

Click the link to check it out  and please SUBSCRIBE to get all the updates     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfCPGsIAVwxdPjMC42WhiQ

I have uploaded some videos on there for you all to see but check out the playlists, where the vids are grouped together in categories. You can see some old videos of when I first started coaching out in parks and at the local rugby club, along with a cool little video testimonial that we shot back then.  There are also some athlete training videos showing the type of stuff that we get up to behind the closed doors at the Athletic Performance Training Facility.  As well as our 2 WORLD RECORDS that we as a training facility hold.

If this looks too hardcore for you then don’t worry, I always scale the training depending on the ability of the people that I am training so that wherever you are at, you will still always get results.

Don’t worry that I will be going away shortly, the facility will stay open for the following times for group sessions and also for pre-booked private sessions

Saturday      10.30am                           20/10 

Tuesday         7.30pm                          Core and Conditioning 

Wednesday   7.30pm                          Group Circuits


Contact me NOW on 07930 753784 for details of how we can transform you.