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Don’t Do This any More

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Last September and March TEAM A.P.T took part in a couple of mud/obstacle runs that were great fun and certainly a challenge for us all.  Whilst I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and even enjoyed the occasional training trail run, CARDIO just isn’t good for you for everyday training, particularly on roads or cardio machines.


Here’s why………….


The number one reason is overuse injury.


According to research from the journal, Sports Medicine, 75% of all running injuries are from overuse …… constant repetition of the same movement.
So if you have even the slightest tight muscle, it will get worse and worse and worse with EVERY step, eventually leading to injury and a trip to the doctor’s.
If  you do the same thing over and over again, your  knees, hips, IT bands  (outside of your thighs), and Achilles tendons  take a beating. That’s  why you need to STOP cardio and use a wide variety of bodyweight  exercises instead.
But getting hurt is not the only reason cardio is bad for you.
A 2007 Obesity study found that 300 hours of cardio per year helped men and women lose only 5 pounds. So that’s about 50 hours of cardio to lose each pound of body weight – what a waste of time. Cardio doesn’t work.
And then there is this bad news about cardio…
British researchers found many women start eating MORE food when they start a cardio program. Cardio makes you hungry. And that’s another reason why you struggle to lose fat with long, slow cardio workouts.
Finally, you must know the Cardio LIE that you are told everyday.
  Each time you hop on one of those cardio machines, it lies to you about how many calories you burn. The Elliptical machine AKA the cross trainer (the most useless machine in the gym) overestimates your calorie burning by 42%, according to a study from the University of California.
The Treadmill was also bad … Overestimating calories burned by 13%
The Stationary Bike was okay … Overestimating calories burned by 7%
Fortunately, there is a MUCH better way to lose fat.
It doesn’t involve any cardio and can be done in as little as just 6 minutes.
Look out for THE SOLUTION later in the week