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Athletic performance coach cares


I was inspired to write this after reading a post from my most trusted mentor zachEven-Esh.

Go to any local sports centre,school or sports club and watch all the middle school, high school and college kids playing their sports, badminton, hockey, volleyball, football, rugby squash, netball, basketball, the list goes on and on. NOW watch closely at all the running, jumping, sharp changes of direction etc. People don’t like to think about it but sporting injuries, in this age group as well, are prevalent.


NO-ONE………….WHY ?   

Because people just don’t think of the benefits and it is not on the school curriculum. Also people still think that if girls train with weights, they will end up looking like men.

TRUTH – What a load of rubbish, if it was easy to gain muscle mass, then all the skinny 10 stone athletes would be 14 stones of solid muscle, but they’re not.      Does this olympic athlete, who trains with weights daily look like a man ?



If you train correctly, and I don’t mean your average sports specific training, I mean correct Athletic Performance Training, your body  will be stronger, your tendons and ligaments will be stronger, reducing the chances of injury.   You will reach your true potential and you will have more confidence .

Studies show that high school athletes suffer around 30,000 knee injuries every year   


Kids , parents and coaches need to stop and think, what is the best for me/my athletes.

A.P.T is here to help because I genuinely care

As a coach & former competitive athlete who had injuries that sidelined me and killed my chances to really reach my true potential………and as a father, it makes me feel sick that these athletes are not getting the best chances to prevent injury and reach that potential.

At Athletic Performance Training, I guarantee that athletes who work with me and follow my guidelines and advice closely will reach their full potential. They become tougher both phsically and mentally and they will greatly reduce the chances of injury.

If you care as much as I do, contact me now on 07930 753784  or e-mailwww.athlete.p.t@btinternet.com or www.facebook.com/warriormark


  1. As a coach and athlete I see this as a very much over looked part of most coaches training kit… A very important one at that! Preventing injury is a big focus in the sort of work i do with my athletes and up until a week or so ago it was not questioned as to why this sort of training when we are throwers, what is the point? coming from an athlete that has worked with one of the top coaches in their event in the country i find this very shocking.
    I think the term Strength and conditioning is soo misunderstood by many coaches that they just steer clear. It does not simply mean lifting heavy weights and getting toned, those are a part of it but no the only thing involved in it. Everything that coaches do outside of the technical aspect of coaching in my eyes can be seen as some sort of Strength and conditioning training of some shaoe or form… doing short sprints or shuttle runs, STRENGTHEN and CONDITION Fast twitch fibers and ligaments ready for the explosive speed needed in some events such as the throwing, that put your body in unnatural positions to project your implement further, resistance training pulling a weighted sledge, medball sessions, circuit training…. the list goes on. Introducing APPROPRIATE types of strength and conditioning into all your athletes training sessions will make them better athletes. I am coaching athletes from the age of 10-55 in primarily the Throwing events and due to the types of training used it has seen my group become faster sprinters and longer jumpers than those in my club that train for the specific events.
    At present 4 of my group and myself work with Mark on a regular basis and what he has done to aid the development of my group is pretty awesome in the short space of time he has been working with us, there has been spikes in performances on the tracks and in the gym. So as an athlete and a coach dont underestimate what strength and conditiong can do for your over all athletics performance, in whichever sport you do.