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World Records

Record 1 – Million Pound Kettlebell Swing

Several months ago, Mark set upon a challenge to swing 1 million pounds of kettlebells in under 4 hours setting a world record in the process. On 14th July 2013 the attempt took place and with a strong team APT achieved the goal!

Official World Record Video

The event was also set up to raise money for a fund which will be used to help upcoming British Athletes compete at an international level, including the Paralympic games at Rio in 2016

Record 2 – Most Ball Slams in 60 Seconds

To celebrate the first full year in the APT Fairfield Facility, Mark wanted to set another world record. In November 2013 he invited members of the gym and the fitness classes to try and set a new world record for the highest number of ball slams using a 9kg ball in 60 seconds.

The video and result can be found on the official record setter page by clicking here

Mark was congratulated by the fellow athletes for setting a new world record, a massive 44 slams in just 60 seconds! The question now is what record should we set or break next?