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30 Day 10 Minute Exercise Challenge


Well summer seems to be over quite quickly so now its time to change focus to the oncoming winter and dare I say it Christmas!!!!!!!


Well, there is a while fortunately till Christmas but all the same, it won’t be long till those party invitations come through the post and email chain, then we will all be thinking about what to wear and whether we can still get into last years party clothes haha.


So, I decided to challenge everyone to do 30 days of 10 minute bodyweight workouts, you know what  its like trying to motivate yourself to get back to the gym or exercise after your summer holidays I know that lots of people suffer from a lack of motivation this time of year, so just 10 minutes each day in addition to your usual gym work, if you are going at the moment, and I believe that will help you to overcome your motivation issues and get back into a healthy lifestyle.


If you have no motivation issues then just use the challenge as an extra , push yourself as hard as possible and post your scores on the page for all to see :)


The workouts will be posted on the page the evening before so that you can do them if you wish 1st thing in the morning