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21 Great reasons why women SHOULDN’T train with weights or kettlebells

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Hey guys n girls,

Today I have a great guest blog post from Nottingham bootcamp owner Paul Eaton that I just had to share with you.

Although he wrote this, I naturally agree with all the points here and if I had the creativity to come up with this post, I wouldn’t have written it any better :)


1. Because it’s not a fashion show princess – no jewelery or make up on this platform.

2. You’ll get a great ass with this training and there’s nothing worse than a crowd of men checking out your assets when you walk down the street.

3. Sorry girls but you’re gonna get sweaty training with a Kettlebell and there’s nothing worse than a fake tan incident.

4. You might not break a nail but you’ll get those pretty little hands roughed up a bit – and you don’t wanna snag your last pair of stockings when you’re in a rush.

5. You’ll have to lay off the lunchtime salads with your girlfriends and stop complaining about not losing a lb. this week.

6. Your friends will start avoiding you and your social life will slide – nobody wants a slim, fit, toned, happy friend to hang around with.

7. You’re gonna have too much time on your hands when you go to Tesco’s  cos the hours wasted counting calories on the side of the box won’t matter anymore.

8. Your boyfriend/partner/husband will give you the silent treatment – there’s nothing worse than a woman in a male dominated environment showing the men how it should be done. On a plus their mates will love it.

9. It’ll cost you a fortune dumping all the “Comfy Clothes” from your wardrobe and replacing those hideous leggings that hold everything in with an even more fashionable selection.

10. No more faking it ladies your Kettlebell will know if you do.

11. No more excuses to waste money on some pretty outfit for  Zumba tonight – you’d be doing a proper workout this time and not just posing in the mirror.

12. You won’t know what to write on Facebook – hating the world for giving you muffin tops and telling everyone how crap and tired you feel will be a thing of the past.

13. You’d have to grunt and groan for a real reason this time and not because your hitting a tennis ball with your girlie friends.

14. You may start getting some excess attention from the opposite sex/or the same sex – either way you’ll be in demand.

15. No more of those attention seeking tantrums before you go out for an evening because everything you put on just doesn’t look right.

16. You’ll be banned from pool side on holiday due to a high incidents of men straining the eye sockets as they try to sneak a look at you walking by without turning their heads.

17. Us men can’t have women out lifting us with better technique because the boys hate to be around a strong dominant woman who is more co-ordinated.

18. You’ll get great shaped legs without having to totter around in a pair of crippling high heels all day.

19. Do you really need more confidence and self belief – us men are struggling to keep up with you as it is – give us a break please girls.

20. You’d look so un-lady like when you train – a sweaty, grunting girl all maxed to the limit in her training is not a pretty sight – well it is but don’t tell anyone – you’d be putting the men off their training.

21. You’d achieve everything that you wanted from your training and get a great body, feel great and have a great time getting it – You’d have nothing to complain about except the state that your other half has let himself get into while you’re busting a gut to look your best.

Hahah obviously a light hearted approach with this post but I hope that you get the point.

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