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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss


People often wonder and ask me, ” Is it really possible to burn a lot of fat in just two weeks”

The answer is most definitly YES, but dont take my word for it, here is a guest post from a highly respected doctor. Dr Kareem F Samhouri.

14 Days To A Flatter Stomach Without Long-Term Dieting

Your body won’t look ‘right’ by simply losing weight — it’s important that you re-shape your body through proper fat loss methods.  In recent months, science has proven that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week doesn’t work without an inevitable plateau effect.  If 1-2 pounds per week were an effective way to lose weight, you would have disintegrated within about a year… it’s untrue.

The best way to lose weight, or even better — lose bodyfat — is by aggressively pursuing a rapid fat loss protocol.  The goal shouldn’t be to slowly lose weight; instead, consider using ‘sprint’ periods for weight loss and fat loss goals.  Follow these with ‘maintenance’ periods and you’ll witness a remarkable result.  On the other hand, lose weight slowly and your metabolism will stabilize along the way, ultimately leading towards a slower effect over time.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist, I learned quickly that not ‘everything’ we learn in school is current and up-to-date.  The foundation is great, but keeping an eye on what’s ‘actually working’ is even more important — that’s where clinical experience comes into play.  I’ve taken 2 approaches to ensure the information you’re about to read is both based upon scientific fact, as well as clinical real-life outcomes:

  1. I’ve studied at the world-leading universities to become an expert in the human body, as it relates to movement.
  2. I’ve developed a network of other health professionals, personal trainers, and nutritionists that have helped me build a following of over 110,000 people to date — in fact, this article will be read by up to 12 million people as a result of this network — because the best health professionals in the industry believe in my ability to help you lose weight and get the body you deserve.

Your body is ridiculously important to me, as is your health.

But I must warn you — if you don’t abandon disbelief and just give this a try, you’ll never get there.  Sure, you can find scientific resources that will disagree with me, and that’s fine.  Science does an amazing job of exploring all sides of an argument, and then several years later, we come to a more formal conclusion. I’m letting you know I’ve read all of the contradicting studies, and I’ve tested the methods with real-life clients — so, the ball is in your court. With a bit of trust, you may reach your goals sooner… besides, I’m about to lay it all out for you, in full detail.

These 3 Steps Will Shock Your Body Into Losing Fat By Eliminating  Toxic Foods, Re-gaining ‘Muscle Control,’ & Telling Your Body That You’re Ready For Change.

If you really want to lose weight and/or bodyfat, it’s time you try something a bit more ‘logical,’ where all of your bases are covered and no stone is left unturned.  Diet or exercise?  Both!  (obviously… and boy is it deceptive that anyone tries to convince you otherwise — don’t fall for it!)

Step 1:  Stop thinking about ‘fat content’ or ‘calories.’

You’ve been misled.  ‘Nutrient density’ is far more important than ‘caloric intake’ — choosing the right foods results in greater energy for your workouts, less cravings, and a clearer mind.  As for ‘fat content,’ we should be much more concerned with non-fatty foods that end up deposited as fat because of consuming too much.  You see, your body will deposit any food as fat if you eat the wrong ratio.  As backwards as it seems, your body won’t deposit ‘fat’ as fat, so long as you pair it with the right foods.  On the other hand, there are certain foods you’re eating right now that get broken into sugars, which ultimately lead towards greater fat deposits and more weight gain.


Step 2:  Exercise less, not more — quality over quantity.

You’ve been taught to watch the calorimeters on machines while you do cardio, but they aren’t even close to accurate.  In fact, they have no idea how many calories you’re burning.  What’s more important is your body’s response after exercise.  By strategically targeting muscles that improve your posture, that allow better oxygenation to your muscles in the days following a tough workout, and that hit your ‘fatigue point’ sooner, you’ll have a massive advantage with fat loss.    As with most things in life, it’s quality over quantity — it’s all about figuring out which muscles have been keeping you from losing fat and then training those muscles.


Step 3:  Self-communicate — your body has no idea what you’re trying to do.

Signaling fat loss is as important as your method.  Your body tries to stabilize, as a means of survival.  You hit your body with intensity, and it fires back with fatigue and hormonal destabilization; however, let your body know why you’re being intense, and it will help you lose fat. Additionally, it’s important that you think about each muscle you’re about to use, before you use it — or your body will be missing up to 30% of every muscle contraction.  There are 2 areas of your brain that deal with movement — exercise, alone, will only activate one of these sections, which means that every repetition of every exercise you do is 30% less effective than it should be.  Ultimately, you’re not just slowing fat loss, you’re ruining it — that is, of course, unless you learn how to self-communicate your mind’s intentions with your body.


WARNING:  The 14 day fat loss plan I’m about to share with you is not for everyone.



With respect:

  • If you’re not willing to do a bit of work, remain disciplined for a short period of time, or believe that you can actually hit your goals, you’re lost already.
  • If you think your health is different than everyone else’s, or that a Doctor of Physical Therapy can’t figure out how to adapt a program to your individual needs, then you’re not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.
  • I rock my clients, but I rock them into shape, safely. If you want to be my client, it’s best you prepare yourself. Fair enough?

Are You ‘Truly’ Ready To Succeed?

Your body can change rapidly, and you will be able to surprise yourself — but it all starts with you.

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