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12 Day Fat Furnace….. Your Questions Answered


As I get a few questions about 12 DFF, I thought it best to try and answer them here.

Q, What is 12 DFF ?

A, 12 DFF is the most rapid fat melting proven course currently available (that I know of).

Q, Will I be hungry all the time or bored of bland food or do you rely on meal replacement shakes and bars?

A, On 12 DFF you eat only whole, natural healthy foods, we dont use any shakes or bars on 12 DFF and encourage the use of spices and herbs on the food to keep the food tasty, not bland. Client feedback also says that on one or two days, there is maybe too much food and they are not hungry when its time to eat again.

Q,I’m not very fit, will I be able to do it?

A, The whole idea is to use 12 DFF as a kickstart to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. All the exercises can be scaled to your fitness level and you are encouraged to work at your pace although I do push you to work as hard as you can, within your abilities.

Q, What have the results been like?

A, Quite honestly, STAGGERING!!!!!  We have run 3 courses now, excluding the trial runs, and with the results that I have in so far from just 5 ladies they have lost a combined weight of 53.5lbs or 3st 11.5lbs and 67.5 inches and only one of those ladies has done more than one course, the other 4 just did 12 days.

Q, What does the course consist of and how much does it cost?

A, Well without going into too much detail and giving it all away, you do 3 group exercise sessions each week along with a cetain amount of home exercise but nothing to much, along with a stratigically timed nutrition plan. As part of the course, you get a full shopping list, nutrition plan, group exercise and facebook support group, all for just £57.00  In the near future I hope to release 12 DFF as an online course to do at home so that potentially thousands of  people around the world may benefit from 12DFF at a cost of around £40.00 initially.

Q, Won’t I get a weight rebound when I start eating off plan again?

A, When you finish 12 DFF, you are encouraged to download the FREE Beastmode Nutrition plan from the website. This will stop any rebound plus also, because the nutrition is all natural foods and no shakes etc, the rebound shouldn’t happen anyway.

Hopefully that answers some questions that you may have, any other quieries, please don’t hesitate to contact me